1. To keep the enviornment clean, all personal must wear socks and remove shoes
  2. Please wear light clothings for lessons
  3. Handphones and pagers must be switched off during lesson
  4. Please keep all toys, food and drinks away from the children in order to prevent distractions
  5. If a child becomes emotional, he may be asked to leave the classroom until he is suited for lesson again
  6. In order to prevent over crowding, only 1 parent may be allowed to accompany his or her child
  7. Please take care of personal belongings, we will not be responsible for any lost
  8. Due to limited space, please try to use foldable strollers
  9. Please remain quiet and use doors lightly in order not to disturb those in lesson
  10. Please keep the area clean. Please inform us if there is any dirty area
  11. Please keep the area tidy and return all magazines, books and toys to their original shelves
  12. Please take care of our toys and equipments. Let us know if there is any damage
  13. To keep lesson progress, please prepare child’s necessities such as water bottle, towels, tissue, etc before lesson starts