Trilingual Playgroup (Upper Class)

This course focuses on developing the ability for children to express and receive language. Children will experience the daily activities program, involving the establishment of children’s self-care ability, developing social skills and emotional development of children.

Course materials from the United Kingdom will be used to introduce story telling at an early age to establish the habit of reading. The integration of kindergarten interview skills, to enhance children’s self-confidence, master trilingual skills and enrol in kindergarten to lay the important foundation for future.

Age: 2 or above (classes will be arranged according to their age)



2.5 hours / lesson; Every Tuesday to Friday

Time: 9:30-12:00 (morning class) or 13:30-16:00 (afternoon class) 

Monthly Fee:
Two days: $3700 (20 hours)
Three days: $3900 (30 hours)
Four days: $4100 (40 hours)

Note: Parents can choose which days their child attends. Taught by an experienced native English teacher.

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