D. Orff’s Wonderful World

In “<Orff’s Wonderful World I>> children to experience and practice different music! Curriculum through a wide range of musical activities to stimulate children in different types of musical senses, while allowing them to learn a different rhythm types to train children of  mention music, rhythm and types of acute.

Children will experience in the course:

Musical knowledge: knowledge throug songs, expression marks, different changes of pitch and rhythm (including: up, down, repeat sounds, etc. In addition, the course will be conducted through a variety of music and appreciation of music listening.

Rhythm Training: Course in focuses on creative elements, such as Four beat motif through learning the rhythm of creation to increase the sensitivity of students on the beat and creativity.

Instrument Ensemble: Through learning to play percussion instruments and playing different musical instruments to enhance muscle range.  In addition, through contact with different instruments around the world, causing children to learn musical interest and improve the sensitivity of different music.

Choral training:  Focus on training children melody, range and other development to the wonderful melody with bright lyrics.

Rhythm: Focus on  the development of the rhythm , so that children express through beat and dance music and emotion.

Music experience: introduction of  different music period in history to enhance children’s sense of the music development. 

Age: 7 to 14 months

Fee: $ 1200 / 8 lessons

Time: 50 minutes each